Felix Burda Foundation

The Felix Burda Foundation is a non-profit-making institution of the Hubert Burda Media Corporation. From its base in Germany, Hubert Burda Media publishes more than 250 general and special interest magazines in 27 countries across the world. The corporation is also strongly involved in businesses which are driven by innovative communication and information technologies.

The Foundation was established by Hubert Burda and Christa Maar and carries the name of their son Felix Burda who died of colon cancer in 2001 at the age of 33. The Foundation sees its main task in creating public awareness for the potential benefits of prevention and the early detection of colorectal cancer.

Video: Christa Maar talks about the work of the foundation at the international conference DLDsummer (click here)


Background of CRC

  • Colorectal Cancer cancer has the second highest incidence and mortality rates of all cancers in Europe (450,000 new cases and 215,000 fatalities each year)
  • Figures for Germany alone are also high: 69,000 new cases and 27,000 deaths per year
  • Colorectal Cancer is besides skin and cervical cancer the only type of cancer which can be prevented almost totally.
  • Screening serves to detect and remove preliminary stages of carcinomas (adenomas) which are not yet cancer.
  • Screening provides a unique opportunity to detect carcinomas in their very early stages when they can be successfully treated and cured.